Wiiware: HB Disc Golf

A disc Golf Game on the Wii that  features 2 settings of 9 holes, including some devilishly difficult ones. I was the senior designer on this project, responsible for the game play and overseeing a team of 4 designers crating the 18 holes.

Look out for the hidden homage to lord of the rings... the second course follows the theme of The descent into the Mines of Morior.

The holes are balanced to get Progressively more difficult and to be challenging so that even experienced player need to concentrate if they want par.


The Challenge was to create HB Studios first self published title during the down time between two projects. The Remit meant we had to select a game/mechanic that already existed and port it over to the Wii ware store. This meant finding a title and game that would suit the younger audience on that platform.


A Disc Golf game with woodland creatures inspire by the cartoons of Tex Avery.


The Short time and learning curve associated with self publishing meant that we did not get the chance to include a full scoring system. It is up to the user to remember their personal best . But the game is still fun and difficult to play.


A fun game to play with a selection of silly and funny animals to play with. I also created an entire world and back story for the Characters for use in a 3d Platform game based on the IP, but sadly this was never started.



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