Tribal Quest

To conceive and design a major update for Tribal Quest to improve the game play ( with particular attention to re play value) as well as improving the social immersion and interaction for players. Additionally the Client was looking for ways to improve on monetization and take up of In app purchases.

The Solution

  • I added additional game mechanics ( transforming to an animal) that fit within the world and character.
  • Balanced the iAP so that they where not only more enticing to users but where well priced and represented a good investment.

This involved changing the structure of the app and its business model. Revives in Endless runners are important and should not be too expensive or you lose players. Add the ability for a player to revive 3-5 times as often for the same price. Tied revives into social networks to get players to share with friends and be rewarded with revives. 

  • Introduced a new experience and Leveling system to give players a feeling of progression - tied to unlocking content.
  • Designed a Head to Head Multi -player mode( asynchronous)
  • added Customizable Costumes to buy
  • Added Daily rewrsda dn Challeneges to keep players returning on a regular basis
  • New Achievements and badges system



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