TCM 05


Role and Responsibilities

Designed the Youth Scouting System
Contributed to the Design for the Opponent Scouting System
Created Wire Frame docs for Flows
Conceived and designed An Interactive Dug out


We wanted a way to tie the FIFA AI based game play with the Stats and Simulation engine operating under the hood.


Created the “Interactive dug out”. For the first time User are supplied with performance ratings and can make team changes  with out the need to navigate away from the action. Previous games had  kept these tow parts of the game separate.


"...this is a title that football fans will get plenty of fun from. In a niche genre, it's certainly a stylish outfit."

"Without doubt, this sense of drama and scope is the major difference between the likes of LMA and TCM. While LMA has some very good basics in place, TCM just takes the whole process one step farther, makes it that little bit more involving."

- (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/r_tcm2005_ps2)

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