Strategizer: Art of Defense

This will be a Real-Time Strategy Tower Defense hybrid. It will feature the standard waves of increasing enemies, but also feature some different game types, and feature multiple targets for the enemy to destroy, and a less linear pathing system.

Defend yourself from the onslaught of enemies in increasingly difficult waves, and protect your base. Use everything you have to throw at your enemies. Once you successfully defend your base, the story will see you expand into new areas. Once all areas are secure on the planet, you will have to attack the alien’s Hive (the last level). If this is achieved, the planet will be yours! Once your engineers repair the pod, you can return to your ship and travel to new planets to colonize.


In the distant future, 2165, the earth has been torn apart by global war and terrorism. Civilisation as we know it, is no more. The sun has been completely blacked out by the thick clouds of a nuclear apocalypse. Through the anarchy, what’s left of the remaining countries pull together into 3 separate factions, all with the same mission: to find a new home. Each faction embark on a journey into space, with a destination unknown.

You are part of the United Allied Territories faction, travelling in the UAT-113 a huge self-sufficient vessel containing tens of thousands of civilians, as well as a large military arsenal. You locate a habitable planet in a nearby solar system. Your ship sets course for arrival, and begins its journey. Several years later, you arrive, and using a small military scouting pod, descend, ready for landing.

You wake up - your scouting pod crash landed, and is unusable. You must set up a base camp, and regroup. When suddenly it appears you are not alone on the planet… you must defend yourself, conquer the planet and hope your engineers are able to repair the pod for you to return to the UAT-113

The Task

To formalize design including screen flow, UI, game play part way through the Project.

The Solution

  •  Systematically design all aspects of the game adding Wire frames and flows to help keep project on track and within scope.


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