Star Horror Quiz

A Horror themed iOS quiz game that features collectable wallpapers earned through answering themed questions on Hororo.


  • 40 levels over 17 Categories
  • Scary Igor hosts the game. Can you surprise him with you knowledge?
  • 41 limited edition wallpapers for you to unlock.
  • Open Feint and Games Centre Achievements achievements
  • Share results on Twitter, Facebook and Email.

The Task

Create a sister app to the successful STAR QUIZ on the iPhone/iPod touch, themed for a macabre audience. I was responsible for defining the categories and writing all of the questions. I also created the meta game for unlocking levels and wallpapers based on the user success in each category.

This is a free to play game with in app advertisements to generate revenue.


Each level consists of 5 questions randomly presented to the User. The game uses a 3 star system for progression and to rate the user. The User earns stars based on how many questions they get correct. To unlock the next level the user must earn 1 star ( 3 correct answers), but to unlock the Wallpaper the User must earn 3 stars ( 5 correct answers).


Each Wallpaper reflects the category for the questions. Working with the artist i created an interesting set of Wallpapers on the 17 categories of questions.

The Results

A fun if small trivia game with a few difficult questions and stunning wallpaper art work to unlock and collect.


While this was an early (ish) iOS game it does not stand up to the scope and feature set of more recent titles.  A game that is too simplistic in scope offers a challenge but unfortunately has little replay value and does not deliver a game that is worthy of the simply stunning artwork for the rewards.


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