Sony Wonderbook

  • February 15, 2014
  • By keithblyth
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I lead the User experience and interactive/functional design for the Sony Wonder book. This included not only the design for several Wonder book titles, but for the entire user experience for the new AR Platform range of titles.

The Challenge

Sony tasked us with creating the design for a Child's Story Book based on a Classic Licence, on their new Augmented Reality platform for the Playstation 3.

The Solution

As this was the first title for this type of book  my self and the team approached this from as a high a design level as we could. Before we could begin design a single book we had to design the experience on the platform. As this was a new SDK the full methodologies had not been worked out by Sony. To that end we "filled in the gaps" to get our project of the ground. Using a SCRUM methodology the team was able to quickly prototype and iterate on design.


I started by define the core pillars of the User experience for one type of book, but realized that these where in turn based on the core pillars for the platform. As these where not fully defined i stepped in and designed them.Sony where then able to use these internbaly as they moved forward and created the SDK for delivery to other external content creators.

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