Scarface: The World Is yours

As one of the Two Designers working on Scarface I created all of the Side Missions in the Game that take place on "The Islands"

This included designing and Scripting the Mission Archetypes. Once the core set of mission types where identified and designed . I scripted them in T2 Scripts so that they called be called by the Random Mission Generator, using a set of 10-20 different variables( such as Location, Time of Day " Heat " Level) so that the same mission would not be called when the call was generated in a set location.

I also designed the Ambient intersections with NPC. Adding scripts to items such as Benches and Bank Machines so that NPCs would interact with them.


Each Mission Type had its own unique game play that the user had to complete. Everything from Running Guns and beating up Hookers to Assassinating Politicians, Planting Car bombs or disposing of dead bodies.

Random Missions

Each Mission consisted of 3 - 5 parts that would be randomly selected and orede to create a Unique Misison, Each Mission would use a predefined archetype to set the actions and game play that would be done, but the Random Mission where scripted by location. Each locations would have its own script containing  the Different Possible missions. The Random Generator would then randomly call the missions that met a subset of the user current meta game conditions.

Concatenated Stories 

The Intention was that all Mission in a location would have its own Unique Story, and nopt feel like a Randomly Generated Story. To That end I wrote small snipets of story Featuring Locatiosn and characters that could be concatenated to create the "story of the new side mission."


As the Side missions where not added until late in the Dev cycle there was not enough Time to test all of the possible options the random generator could spit out ( 10,000+) . So we had to cut the number of Missions in a location from 25 to 5.

Also There was no budget or resources to create new art assets. All of the Characters featured in the Side mission are either never seen or are just one of the generic enemies with a name attached.

As the Scripts where cut back so drastically the missions do not feel as varied as they where intended. Editing down also had an impact on the quality of the story elements, as they do not all fit together as well when a limited pool is used.

Repetitions is also obvious with less mission parameters to select from.


The Car Bomb and Dispose of the Body (Sea) mission types are fun and interesting. While rarer than i intended; when lined up correctly the Side missions can throw up a compelling side mission featuring a character and motivations.




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