Rock Revolutin: DS & Wii



The intention for the WII and DS SKUs for this misunderstood and badly under appreciated music was different to that of  its "Bigger Brother" on the Xbox  (360) and Playstation (3) consoles. The DS version offers the opportunity to play with 4 different Instruments playing with friends to form a band and blay together.

The Wii was designed so that the User did not need any extra peripherals to play the game.( Although a Nunchuck is recommended.). For a Music game the Wii version offers a real challenge on its expert mode, but does suffer from the lack of Microphone support.

The Game play for the DS is completely different to all other SKUS, and was originally intended as a separate game( hence its unique art style) .

The game play for the Wii was also markedly different from the Xbox and PS3 , even if the game did share Assets. The challenge was to make the User Feel " like they where playing an instrument when they where in perpetual Wii waggle mode. This comes across well - especially while drumming ( untill you garrote your self with the Nunchuck cord)


The Four different instruments on both the DS and the Wii feel different to each other. Where possible the intention was for the user to feel like they where preforming the action represented by the music, even if this was just an illusion.

The Abilty to Jam and record your own chords on the Wii was an interesting and cool feature.





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