Olympus: Greek Gods Slots

The Olympus:Greek Gods Slot machine is a Unity3D-based casino game; a traditional slot machine with added game play mechanics. The core component of the game is a virtual nine-reel slot machine with 25 pay lines and one mini-game.


The Client wanted a series of Unity slot machines based on Slot machine popular in real world Casinos. The client identified Zeus 2 as the game they wanted to emulate. After that I was responsible for defining the general style and approach as well as setting characters, icons and backgrounds for the game. For Olympus i wanted to take the concept of growing wilds/icons seen in Zeus but with a more integrated approach for the art. Unlike Zeus 2 Olympus has 3 stages of the Zeus character for when the symbols appear in the same column- we connected adjoining spaces to reveal a larger image when the tiles are stacked on top of each other. In Zeus where you would see the same symbol repeated we have a single larger image serving the same purpose.

Mini Game 

The bonus game for this slot is not an actual separate interaction but more a rule set on how the game acts when (multiple) wild cards are in play at once. The original intention for this was to display a massive battle scene between the good and bad legends of the game; gradually revealing the scene as symbols are removes when locked.

Column Growth

If the User gets two Zeus icons stacked the two images merge/ grow to one icon - when all three icons in a column are joined the icons are removed to reveal a special battle image behind. Each column reveals one segment of the battle diorama behind.

Free Spin Mode

If a spin results in three Free Spin scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the stopped reels, the player will be granted 7 free spins. During this mode we switched the background to a night-time version to highlight the importance of the new mode. We enhanced the feeling by adding lightning strikes behind the icons.


The client decide a full battle of Gods and monsters was too much of a variation for their clientèle and the scope of the game was reduced. we retained the expanding Zeus image feature when multiple icons are stacked but removed the other characters and the battle.


The growing image of Zeus is impressive and gives the gods a feeling of power and is a significant improvement on the same repeated symbols seen together in the Zeus game.

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