NBA Ballerbeats

The first ever motion-based sports video game that requires you to actively play using a real basketball. The music is your guide as you aspire to perform like a pro and practice your ball-handling skills while building stamina you’ll need for the court – all while having the fun of playing a video game.

  • NBA Baller Beats is a fun, high-energy, first-of-its kind basketball video game for Kinect that is unlike any sports video game on the market.
  • The game is extremely innovative; it requires you to actively play using a real basketball (which is included free with the game)!
  • Aspire to perform like a pro as you master ball-handling skills.
  • The music acts as your guide as you bounce the ball to the beats of a slamming soundtrack.
  • Features an eclectic mix of music across decades and genres, from hip-hop to rock to old school classics

Yes a real basketball...yes in your house... your neighbours, no? What about them?

The Challenge

I was the Senior Designer on the Project and headed the design team from initial concept and pitch to the final product. Majesco wanted to produce a licenced basketball game that taught players to play basketball using a real ball.

We presented two options to Majesco ,both with their own (serious) drawback: we produced a design that saw users using a real basketball in their house and another that used a virtual (fake) ball in front of the Kinect camera.

The Solution

The fake ball option never felt right, as with out the ball it is just a dancing game with odd moves. The other option involved using a real basketball in front of the camera- with the obvious drawback of bouncing an actual ball in confined space in front of expensive electronics.


The game is fun and interesting to play but never recovered from the marketing nightmare of having to bounce a real ball in your living room.


The game is successful from a design point of view. The tactile feel of the ball combined with the rhythm/ timing and basketball movements makes this challenging and actually really fun to play. The Only thing stopping this from being a success was the singular  absurdity of requiring PLyaers to bounce a ball in their living room. Something we pointed out to Majesco at every opportunity.

In all Honesty this game is more fun to play than I would ever have believed and is a lot more interesting than the Bouncing a pretend ball ... or do I mean pretending to bounce a ball?












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