Murder One: Mars

 A story driven point and click Murder Mystery Adventure Game in space. Think: "Agatha Christie set in Downton Abbey, on Mars."

The Task

Murder One: Mars is the first of a trilogy of point and click games set in space, inspired by games such as Broken Sword, Grim Fandango and Beneath a Steel Sky.

The game features hand drawn 2D background artwork and hand drawn animations. It combines all the elements of a classic point and click adventure game including: witty dialog, puzzles, exploration, dead bodies, red hearings, and of course an English Edwardian Manor house on Mars...

In the process of bringing life to Mars, we have also brought death.

Players will take control of two investigators sent to Mars to solve a murder. The investigation takes place against a backdrop of contrasts: high tech meets high society, droids in the drawing room. Set amidst the mining facilities, research labs and biodomes lies Garden Manor, a mansion built by James Garden, the wealthy industrialist who is leading humanity into the solar system. The setting isn't the only thing clashing on Mars. Greed, resentment, fear, love and lies all combine to make a deadly aperitif.


In the not too distant future, the wealthy mining magnate, James Garden returned from his Marian expedition with a cargo of precious metals and gems.  Using this as leverage he has now set up a mining colony on Mars.  He has secured the backing of many of the worlds major powers, banks, private investors and a handful of governments.

A few years have passed and so far Garden's mines on Mars have sent only base metals back to earth.  There has been no sign of more riches and there is very little communication coming from the red planet. The calls from Earth are getting more urgent and the noose is tightening around James Garden. Money is running out and the wolves are at the door.

Now the body of an engineer is discovered and with it Mars has its first murder. The backers on Earth want to know what has happened to their money and what else is happening on Mars.  Cole and Lloyd, a pair of cops with a string of high profile cases under their belts have been contracted to get to Mars and get to the truth.



  • James Garden
  • Charlotte Garden
  • Lloyd 
  • Cole 
  • "The" Butler 


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