Melisa K. and the Heart of Gold

Melissa King is a Hidden Object Game on PC and Tablet, created by SDP games for the Bigfish game portal. Set in the 1940's, the game features a female archaeologist (the titular M.King) very much in the Indian Jones mould.


The Challenge 

To Turn a power point presentation and 2 pages story doc into a structured hidden object game, where most items require other items to collect.

The Solution

I created a 25,000 word doc that broke the story down in to the component room and listed the items in each room , how they functions and how they interacted with other items so that a programmer could work on the game piecemeal.

I also created a walk through doc and 5 excel tracking docs so that the artist and producers could work through the assets list.

Finally when all of the above was created i made a step by step walk through doc that the Producer can use to "play the game" and test the flow. This doc will also then be used as the official walk through document when the game is published.

documentation included:

Beefed up and added a lot of detail to the story, including location descriptions and dialogue. - including scripts for 5-6 minutes of Cinematics.

- Wrote a Full walk through of the game; click through, action to take, what to do in zoom scenes and in the whole game

- Defined the game play for all aspects of the game.


  • 38 Hidden Object scenes


  • 27 Interior Locations, featuring  19 Original + 8 evil versions.
  • 18 Exterior Locations, featuring  12 Original + 6 evil versions.
  • 16 “Lens” Locations  for Special Edition
  • 45 zoom scenes (avg 1 per screen, to split up; adding to puzzles zooms).
  • Characters x 7 (concept and in game dialogue

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