I was the Senior Designer on the Official FIFA World Cup 2012 South Africa for the Wii and PSP. Whilst being the less glamorous SKUs, next to the Xbox 360 and PS3, we where able to bring the fun and excitement of the world Cup alive. Everything on this game was intended to be fun and exciting, from the Main Menu to the fast paced arcade action .. well apart from the Vuvuzela- which is why we added the ability to turn these sound off to an unlock-able achievement...


The Biggest Challenge for me was how to add to the longevity of the title. Games based on single event tournaments are infamous for being limited in scope,and we wanted to overcome this for World Cup Wii. Using the Mascot for the Tournament (Zakumi) we set about devising away for the User to play against all teams in the world cup and fostering the ethos of all the world coming together.


A lengthy challenge-based mode where you play as a squad of bad players to start. As you knock off teams that are arranged by levels in order of their quality you'll get to steal their best players for use on your team.

This was designed to feel like playing a Borad game on the Wii.

Key Moments

As a football fan it is essential to capture the feeling of anticipation and excitement for those big game changing moments that happen in every tournament. To that end we add Zakumi Moments to the Wii. I designed and created a system to bring these key moments in game play to life. Called Zakumi moments these enhancements would make the user feel excited for important shots and moments in the game. Linked to the score and the round of the competition these would only appear for important or game changing goals or chances.

These Ranged from the Crowd getting excited and standing up , to dynamic camera cuts and custom celebrations.

Well Received 

The press for the game was generally well received particularly the Zakumi Mode, which is a feature exclusive to the Wii that had reviewres wishing it where on the Xbox and PS3.

"...but the most challenge is found in Zakumi's Dream Team. An odd mix of challenge-led matches and manager mode, if you win a match you can poach a player from the opposition to join your squad, with the idea being to amass the ultimate team and conquer the world (of football, at least.) The range and number of challenges help to keep this mode interesting, particularly when teamed up with the game's awards that offer unlockable content for meeting certain goals."

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