FIFA 12- Wii

Designed and balanced the FIFA City feature for FIFA 12 on the WII. A living progress bar, that updates and upgrades as the user completes challenges and modes.

Fifa City  

In Fifa 12 "FIFA City" acts as the Main Menu, achievements system and progress bar all rolled into one  At teh begining of the game the users names their city and football club. Once that's completed, they are greeted by a fairly bare-looking city with various near-empty sections, each corresponding to the different modes available to play with. The modes Single Games(Hit the Pitch) as well as the other game modes : Street to Stadium, Be a Manager, and Tournament and the Intercity Cup. To improve each section of your city, the user has to play all of the modes and unlock in-game achievements linked to that mode.

Achievements vary from easy-to-complete tasks, such as win a game on any difficulty, score your first goal as a created player, or win by four-plus goals, to long-term requests like becoming a 90-plus rated player, playing in every stadium, or scoring 50 goals in Street Soccer.

For every achievement the user earns their population increases, and they obtain items that make the city look more populated. These items include homes, better fields, and even larger stadiums. As the city increases in size, the new Intercity Cup mode is unlocked. This mode ties the creation of the User's team into the World of the  Footballing Elite.

Manager Mode 

I Also designed the be a Manager Mode. A full manager experience streamlined to a younger audience. We managed to offer all aspects of management( Scouting teams and players, transferring and training players and building facilities) while simplifying the flow to make it accessible to a younger demographic.


During our few hours with FIFA 12 and FIFA City, the new feature really caught our attention. Trying to find ways to complete the easy objectives had us playing games in a number of different ways, either by adjusting the difficulty or by increasing the length of halves. Of course, there are objectives that will take a significant amount of time to obtain, but purists willing to take the time to do so should feel quite proud as they reach the level 52 cap. Be sure to find out more and see our final verdict of the game when it hits stores at the end of September.

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