Fairy In the Garden

A casual HTML 5 Version of Breakout, for predominately female demographic.

The Task

Create a game similar to Breakout themed for a Female Audience.


I defined the setting, location and "Story" for the game as well as adding the additional game play elements to add depth.

Art Approach

For the the general look and feel we added a lot of fine detail and feature a highly rendered level of detail, based on the Victorian and Edwardian botanical pen drawings. For this game Fairies are still the wild and feral creatures that intrigued Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - see the fairies  at the bottom of the garden scandal. This is before they became the  "Disneyfied" and overly cute fairies in modern pop culture.

Game play

The User "fills" each of the fruits as they collect them, while filling a fruit completely unlocks a power up.  Bugs fly across the screen periodically. Hitting these bug makes the fairy change direction, - due to the movement of both the bug and the fairy this can result in a continued collision until they clear each other horizontally forcing the user to  pay attention and react to each collision. We added a smoke cloud (ala Warner Brothers cartoons) to enhance the feel that  they are in combat. This is deliberate as I wanted the "enemies" to be more than just an instant kill and to make the user have to react.

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