Big Football Quiz

Big Soccer Quiz is the perfect app for challenging yourself and your  friends, to see who knows the most about footy! The most comprehensive quiz title now tackles the beautiful game:from Anfield to Zidan, and Ardiles to Zico.

The Task

I Wrote 3000+ questions on football. covering everything from the inception of the professional game to the latest World Cup showcase. This is a free to play game with in app advertisements to generate revenue.


I wrote all of the questions and answers (each question has 3 incorrect answers and 1 correct one) ordered into 24 different categories. 


As the game was offered in 5 languages the questions also had to be localized. I wrote a and tracked all questions and answers in an excel doc before export as a csv. This allowed me to quickly sort and organize the questions. This proved invaluable when it came to translating. The initial cost to translate all questions and answers was to expensive for the independent developers. By organising the questions into blocks with the same answer i was able to cut down the cost of translating by a factor of 10!

I also worked hard identifying answers that did not need to be translated  (team and player names for example Bolton Wanders and Tottenham Hotspurs for can remain unchanged in  all languages)


Some of the questions ( 20% or so ) are now out of date - especially those based on players or records( top scorers, most goals, etc)  The game could do with a refresh to update the questions and add some new new ones. The formulaic approach to translations did result in fewer question ( 1200 or so instead of 3000) as any question that could not be slotted into a formula was cut.

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