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I worked on Big Beach as one of a team of 3 Designers. The mandate from the Client (THQ Australia) was to create a casual Wii title that could be played by all of teh family ( i.e the very young and Old), based on popular Sports. The biggest challenge was to create meaningful spots games not only on the Wii but without using the Nunchcuk. All controls where limited to the Wii-mote. We where only partly Successful.


The game is very easy and simple to play, as are all early 3rd party Wii games. Some of the sports are played to much on rails and do not feel like the sports as intended.


Beach Cricket works well as does the ( admittedly overly long Disc Golf). Volley ball can be fun in waggle indiscriminate kind of way.


Although it was panned in reviews ( my lowest Metacritic score) The Game is a success  for its intended Market - the 4-8 year olds. Like most none Nintendo games released early in the life cycle reviewers did not understand the target audience and so where not kind.

Ali G on the Cover ...innit...

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